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Restauration Kopernikus in Nuremberg

Beer garden of Restauration Kopernikus in Nuremberg

Very welcome in the Restauration Kopernikus in Nuremberg, where a gastronomic and cultural event of a special kind awaits you, in which all senses are addressed Restaurant. For visitors and guests of the historic city of Nuremberg a trip to Krakow Tower is a must and the resident of the tower itself Restaurant "Copernicus" completes this tour perfectly, because here good food from the region and traditional Franconian specialties with the historical Bastion and international flair a unique combination received. But not only Schäufele, roast pork or beef rolls make Restauration Kopernikus so special, the beer garden, the large hall are due to the German-Polish flairs a highlight for guests and locals. 
The Krakow's tower itself is one of the most striking, but also the oldest buildings in downtown Nuremberg and in addition to our restaurant example, a cultural center and an art gallery. The unusually wide variety of services and facilities is the result of intensive contacts between the Polish Krakow and Nuremberg, which date back to the Middle Ages. The good contacts between the two cities in 1979 for the first time written down long before twinning became the norm. As a special sign of this so-called intimate involvement Partnerhäuser the other city have been launched, in order to teach the Partnership to citizens and their guests, and so to manifest the closeness in both places. Meanwhile, there is a Cracow House in this form since 1996 and is the only facility of the Polish city outside the country's borders. The connection between the Franconian cuisine and Polish cuisine and the name of one of the greatest students of Cracow University are just two of many examples of active international understanding. How simple, but also original and intense can be such an understanding between two peoples, a glance at the menu of the restaurant Restauration Kopernikus. Of course, a focus on typical Franconian specialties such as roast shoulder of pork, roast pork or beef rolls, but also typical Polish dishes include distinctive and especially tasty accents. Together with the Franconian beers and cask ales gives our offer a memorable dining experience between Central Franconia and the Vistula. Good eating at Nuremberg has a name and the words "Restauration Kopernikus". 
Among major regional, national and international attention the Restauration Kopernikus was newly opened in March of 2002. Our entire team has our service with numerous innovations enriched, revised the menu card and improves the comfort. You can convince them either in our restaurant, in Krakow's tower or in the idyllic beer garden itself, where our beer garden is considered one of the finest of its kind in Nuremberg. Accessible he is a historic battlements and it is an oasis of peace and relaxation amidst the city center of Nuremberg.
But no matter where they enjoy our services, you are everywhere surrounded by the evidence of a long and fruitful friendship between the two cities as well as unique historical and cultural exhibits.