Beer garden of Restauration Kopernikus in Nuremberg

Beer garden of Restauration Kopernikus in Nuremberg

Enjoy summers in the Kopernikus beer garden 

The Kopernikus restaurant in Nuremberg boasts a beautiful beer garden which opens its doors all day during summer. A medieval walkway grants access to this wonderful treasure which is located on the castle wall presenting all of its culinary and cultural delights. The art of brewing clearly belongs to the culture of Franconia. Several varieties  of Franconian beer are available in the Kopernikus beer garden all of which are refreshing draft beers from the barrel made in Franconia. You will also find the dark Franconian beers from the bottle. Their names sound like home: pitcher Breitenlesau or Lindenbräu from Gräfenberg. You will only need a fraction of the summer to find your favorite flavor. These wonderful specialties from the Franconia region and from Nuremberg's partner city of Krakow can delight every European palette.

A dragon watches over Franconian beer and Polish Pierogi !!

A small gentle dragon, the symbol of Krakow, invites you to study the menu. With his fire, he warms the wonderfully hearty meals. The menu combines treasures from the Polish and Franconian cuisine. The borscht, a typical Polish soup with lots of beetroot is on the summer menu. Why not also try the wonderful Franconian potato soup. If the little dragon from Krakow spits some fire why not allow the Franconian beer served in stone pitchers to quench the thirst. Seating and tables are plentiful often accomodating six people per table. During fine weather where everyone wishes to eat in the beer garden, one can sit comfortably under the large umbrellas on the old castle wall. This expands the beautiful view and is truly one of the most idyllic places in the old town of Nuremberg.  Wonderfully culinary... and European!

The Kopernikus beer garden is both a Nuremberg and European beer garden. The cities of Nuremberg and Krakow are well established as twinned cities. The beer garden in the Restauration Kopernikus is consistently a place of German-Polish friendship. Friendships of all kinds can be sealed either with Franconian fruit brandies or Polish vodka. Of course Franconian beer is equally suitable. The beer garden is part of the Kraków House. It represents the culture of the city of Kraków in Nuremberg. In Kraków it is the Albrecht Dürer House which brings together Polish and German cultural traditions.  Whilst in Krakow the Klub Lokator attracts many visitors it is the Kopernikus beer garden in Nuremberg that is a visitor highlight.  With the name Kopernikus the  beer garden in the old town of Nuremberg honours the astronomer Nikolaus Kopernikus one of the the most famous astronomy students of the University of Krakow. 

The Kopernikus beer garden offers everything you expect from a beer garden ... and more!

For thiose who wish to discover the beer gardens of Nuremberg this idyllic beer garden on the island Schütt is a must see. The location in the old castle wall makes the Kopernikus beer garden an exceptional place to enjoy Franconian beer and Franconian cuisine in Nuremberg. The menu is simply enticing with the the right mix of hot and cold dishes, from light snacks to hearty meals. Why not broaden your tastebuds by trying a Franconian beer with filled dumplings served with crispy bacon and sour cream !! Or complete the Franconian cuisine with a Polish vodka !!