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"A good-quality relaxing beer garden"
I picked out this beer garden as something to try before we left, and we were most happy with it. The setting is perfect. The staff is efficient and friendly and the food and beer were high quality and great value.
from: 23/08/2015 5 / 5 stars

"A must"
This place was awesome! We liked it so much we had dinner her twice during our stay in Nurnberg. My only advice, don't eat too much before you go here as the portions are huge and delicious!
from: 03/08/2015 5 / 5 stars

"so much food"
We ate at this place on a whim and I am glad we did. It is on the third floor of the Krakauer house so a little bit hard to find. We went on a Wednesday night and had no trouble being seated. There is a bier garden and also an area on the wall that has many tables for two. The menu is simple with some shnitzels and wurst but we ordered two different kinds of perogie. The meal comes with a huge number of perogie and a massive salad all for less than 10 euro. We left stuffed and happy.
from: 22/07/2015 5 / 5 stars

"AMAZING PLACE in krakauer haus building"
We saw the reviews on this place as great German food and set out for it. We couldn't find it. We went up and down the street, around the block-probably 30 min additional walking before we realized its 3rd floor of a building with another name on it! Krakauer haus building-3rd floor. There were NO tourists there-apparently a hidden gem locals enjoy, beautiful rooftop riverside view. Our waitress knew a LITTLE English, more than we knew of German and we all laughed as we ordered schnitzel and a sausage platter, and of course, German beer! Included was awesome kraut and potato salad. The beer was ice cold and awesome-the food was AMAZING. It was so good we ordered the same meals to go, to take back to our cruise ship and skip dinner there! The service was great! If you want really delicious German food, FIND THIS PLACE!
from: 19/07/2015 5 / 5 stars

"Awesome place"
The food is great and the portions are huge. There is a nice terrace where you can seat. The service is also great.
from: 07/07/2015 5 / 5 Sterne
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